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Japanese rainstorm affects 3 water chestnut / Ma Zida / stop production of big hair factory

According to the United States " car news " on July 8 message, because Japan produces big rainstorm and hill body coast to cause tens of person death, force governmental block highway, 7 days of Ma Zida, 3 water chestnut and big hair announce to suspend a few workshops of its home move, production plans to wait for calm.

According to NHK report, japanese rainstorm already brought about millions person to be forced to leave home, dead number is added to 88 people, additionally 58 people are missing, predict this big rainstorm still will assault more area. Because rainstorm is brought about,purchase component to undertake hard, 3 water chestnut already stopped his to be produced in the factory of ridge hill, and the big hair below Feng Tianqi also is mixed in its Osaka as a result of same reason the two factories stop production of Kyoto. Ma Zida also halts the production of its Hiroshima factory on the weekend. Next electronic product manufacturer is soft expression, because road blocks, its are located in Japan western the factory of ridge hill already was shut on the weekend, 8 days decide those who make next week.

At present Japanese government already established lash-up management center in premier office, japan is gone to before sending 54 thousand army, police and rescuer of fire control branch western with area of southwest ministry greater part. Although already removed at present the serious rainfall of 11 counties is urgent alarm (the most serious) since introducing new warming system 2013 oneself, but heavy rain and alarm of hill body coast still continue.

According to joint company report, at present 40 much people are missing, 4.3 million person still is waiting to withdraw. Last as heavy rain, japanese government continues 8 days to issue rainfall warning, issue warning of hill body coast in many counties. Be in those who be affected badly western area, urgent service and martial personnel use helicopter and ship to rescue personnel from inside river and building.

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