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Reynolds day produces alliance of 3 water chestnut to appoint branch of new car couplet chief

The intermediary outside occupying will report on July 6, before Reynolds day produces alliance of 3 water chestnut to appoint Daimule, tall canal Kal Mos replaces Ogi Redzic, hold the position of vice-president of car of couplet of this allied total net one duty, be in charge of the routine of car of allied net couplet. Mos enters alliance at leaving Nuojiyajia 2016, after this holds the position of car of allied net couplet and the controller that shift serves. And former chief Redzic needs to return the United States as a result of domestic account.

Mos comes at finding new job from Daimule in March allied, be appointed to be vice-president of whole world of car of allied net couplet now, the design of responsible system, function and service, deploy and release the job. Rolling out current car to hold information entertainment system is one of allied first jobs. The job of Mos also is mixed Redzic is same, by business development department Hadi Zablit of senior vice president is in charge of.

Zablit will decide alliance serves the general orientation of the respect in shift. To deepen the synergism between company and brand, allied interior undertook recombining. As recombining one part, zablit also enlarged his working duty further March.

Redzic has computer science and Master of industrial and commercial management two degree, its profession career begins at Motolora, he joined Nuojiya 2012, ever still held the position of Nuojiya the car of Here of mobile service department is advanced vice-president, before this, also ever hold post at other and telegraphic company.

Mos has the engineering doctor's degree of Tokyo university, main attack probability builds model and uncertainty analysis. Before joining alliance, mos ever was joined 2002 run quickly the company has been held the position of run quickly ministry of North America research and development artificial intelligence and digital car vice-president. Before this, he still has held the position of a technologist in general motors company.

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