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Day produces new car examination to expose to the sun again violate compasses tail gas distorts with

[reportorial reporter Wang Huan] day produces Motor Corporation to will release a message to say on July 9, discovery is in mix in the light of the tail gas of new car before leaving factory in traverse test burning effect, existence distorts determine of the result violate compasses act. In addition, day is produced what still discovered a travel time, temperature to wait not to accord with experiment condition is invalid determine to serve as as a result violate compasses act effectively. In the car that investigates, discovery is equivalent to 1171 existence of 53.5% violating compasses. Province of Japan ground transportation already was produced 9 days to day make an instruction, the requirement reports those who prevent similar case to happen again to answer measure inside a month.

Report of Japanese joint company says, day is produced also exposed to the sun in September 2017 went out to disobey Japan home to set, let unqualified personnel pursue the examines finally issue before new car leaves factory. Expose to the sun continuously those who gave protruding of this kind of problem to show government is lax.

The headquarters that the Kang Yu inside hill of the executive trustee of the general affairs such as all pipe production, research and development, CCO is in yokohama city holds a press conference to say: &Ldquo; is being advanced such issue discovered in preventing to check the course that the question produces again, express apology ” greatly to the client. expose to the sun piece identical violate the Si Balu company of compasses, the president has left his post, day is produced also can be found out possibly henceforth to manage responsibility.

In the unqualified examination problem September 2017, the recall that needs new examination (reclaim freely and repair) car achieves 1 million above. But because light effect and tail gas to accord with catalogue item numerical value,reach safe level this, nonperformance recall.

Produce according to day divulge, appearing to violate the time of compasses this is to came in April 2013 at least June 2018. The time of each factory differs somewhat, involve day to produce plant of car timber (on wood county 3 plain Ding) , chase after bank factory (plain county horizontal stroke needs divine Nai congratulate city) , day produces bodywork the factory austral Hunan (plain county makes the same score divine Nai grave city) , day produces bodywork a poetic name of China. Object model is NOTE, JUKE, SKYLINE to wait for 19.

Show level to may 10 employee and this is concerned. Inside Japan in assembling a factory, did not violate produce car a poetic name of China of compasses for day only (Tian Ding of Pi of Fu Gang county) .

Those who accept investigation is in the car the with crop 1% right-and-left scale have selectiving examination car in be being checked finally. In 2187 cars that can investigate, do not accord with traverse test condition it is 690, determine be worth what itself is distorted to be 913, 1171 are in all after purify repeats calculation.

Province of Japanese diplomatic relation still asks other car manufacturer is checked oneself whether to exist similar violate compasses making an appointment with appear in the newspaper inside a month prevent to violate the measure of compasses.

Occupy additionally " Japanese economy news " report, day produces a car 9 days to admit, the existence when the 5 place inside Japan rectify lathe work factory to carry out tail gas data to detect before new car shipment distorts determine the behavior of the value. Check a condition not to accord with formulary environment to ask not only, still distorted the composition value of partial tail gas, misfeasance involves 1171 cars. Before this, day is produced was used not to have aptitude personnel to carry out by exposure in September 2017 truckload examination, its quality management is oppugned.

New misfeasance happens in chase after bank factory (horizontal stroke of divine Nai plain county needs congratulate city) wait for 5 place factory. Investigation object detected in June 2018 to came in April 2013 the car that data already was affirmed. Suffer truckload examination problem effect, day is produced carried out own examination, discovered a problem in the examination.

Iniquity happening is in to detect new car performance and link of executive tail gas sampling observation. Detect in tail gas when failing to get expect result, appeared to distort numeric behavior. In addition, although check the travelling speed when and temperature humidity,not be inside formulary numerical value, day is produced also detect the result regards as effective.

On July 9, province of Japan ground transportation asks day produces the findings that violates compasses act newly in the report inside a month, and the program that avoids this kind of circumstance to happen again, ask other car manufacturer affirms whether to put in same question.

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