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Polestar of electric car brand appoints Wo Erwo American division president

According to the United States " car news " will report on July 9, the day of Polestar 9 of brand of high-powered electric car with subordinate group of Wo Erwo automobile announces: Appoint Gregor Hembrough to be president of division of Polestar United States, leader Polestar develops in American market. In the meantime, this allows the lot also continued the strategy that this company breeds new brand with its interior talent.

Before this, er of Hembrough inaugural Yu Wo area of North America of fertile automobile group, hold the position of North America northeast and western the vice-president of the area. After appointing make known to lower levels, hemprough expresses in a statement: “ can be participated in founding the burgeoning Motor Corporation that resembles such Polestar pioneers is the opportunity that I long for day and night. ”

In addition, woerwoxi hopes by right of its Polestar brand can be in its Germany competitor and tesla (show itself in the market of high-powered electric car of Tesla) company dominant. It is reported, polestar 1 of first of this brand high-powered model is to use the type that plug phone to mix dynamic double door racing bike of 4 GT litter, appear first at was in China 2017, open European head show at spreading out in Geneva car this year in March.

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