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Day is produced admit data of 19 models of Japanese distorts say not to involve exit car

According to British Reuter on July 9 message, the tail gas that day produces 19 models that admitted its are sold in Japan that day is discharged and light effect data to measure have by accident. This is the 2nd case that is less than the day inside a year of time to produce data to distort.

Day is produced express, the ultimate car that is in its Japan most factory discovers car example to tail gas is discharged and light effect to check an environment not to accord with domestic level in check, and inspection report is to be based on incorrect measurement result and make. This incident is the newest case that Japanese data distorts. This affected Japanese high quality, efficient manufacturing industry figure.

Day is produced express, this incident won't affect the vehicle of abroad exit, because these data are applied to only,be aimed at the requirement of Japanese market technically. Day produces CEO Yasuhiro Yamauchi to be able to go up in brief express, this incident is produced to day for it is a deep and serious problem. Day is produced already realized the lack that adds up to compasses consciousness, will investigate this issue, in order to determine the prime cause that its produce. Predict this process needs a month or longer.

Day is produced is the in adding up to compasses examination of one's own accord discovery that launchs in its after the car check scandal last year of this problem. This problem involves Note miniature to lift back car and Juke to cross the model such as bound car. Former it is day is produced in Japan's best-selling model. Day is produced express, sample about 2200 times when produce a manufactory to undertake in 6 day in the test, the data in having sampling test 1200 times of 5 factories all has distort evidence.

Day produces the discovery in checking, partial car travelling speed, duration and exterior temperature do not accord with Japan to discharge test code, and test equipment also without proper calibration. In addition, still data of partial course of development was exaggerated. Day is produced express, because this incident won't harm the security that gets influence model, and data of course of development with the product agree in propagandist book, because this does not need recall car.

The foundation is current getatable data, day is produced distort data behavior but the incident that date from reachs to involved 10 employee 2013, but Yamauchi states old data may show this problem origin is earlier. Day was produced last year will use the examination staff without attestation to ascribe to employee is in short supply. This one scandal brings about day to produce up to the annual March business profit glides.

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