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2019 day produce Altima engine to redesign can simplify end platoon

According to the United States " car news " will report on July 9, 2019 day produce Altima(beautiful edition to sounds of nature) the course is redesigned, engine 180° level retroflexions, simplified end discharges a system, save cost.

Day produces center of North America technology senior vice president holds Takeshi Yamaguchi of Altima chief engineer concurrently to be in charge of day producing research and development of North America area, he thinks to simplify tail gas is discharged, economic cost is not convert completely the reason of 2019 Altima engine, “ key is to should make exterior of new fund Altima more outstanding. We made a lot of improvement, the most remarkable is motive of horizontal transmit coming back, this also brought a lot of profit. ”

180° level turns over transmit motive and make a bit backward tilt, tail gas can go out to back row. The tail gas before this by engine forehead eduction, need circulates in engine bottom again the hind eduction from the car.

Takeshi Yamaguchi still points out new design is helpful for managing cost, car vent-pipe length shortens, what need charge to reduce, also saved cost.

To new car, because necessary tail gas is passed from engine lower part, because this vent-pipe needs to install higher inside engine cabin position, this also brings about engine to build height to increase somewhat. And the position of engine lid streamline reduced a inch (about 2.54 centimeters of) , changed the integral outline of the car, restricted the height of car others and exterior. About this inch adjustment, takeshi Yamaguchi expresses: “ did not alter almost, but the concussion that I thought to cause a vision to go up, alter to car whole and character is very main, this also is to start the reason —— that seat number buy rotates to want to make the car that has appeal more. ”

2019 day produce Altima will this year autumn appears on the market in the United States, new car offers configuration of two kinds of engine to be able to offer an alternative, it is 4 crocks of engine and pressure boost of 2.5 litres of turbine of 2 litres of alterable compression ratio respectively 4 crocks of engine.

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