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Beautiful federal court passes the masses " derv door " 10 billion dollar reconciles agree

Will report on July 9 according to American media, a Court of Cassation of American carried a value recently 10 billion dollar (about 66 billion yuan of RMBs) reconcile agreement, should reconcile the agreement is masses car and the car that are discharged cogged scandal to affect by tail gas advocate between reach.

The jury that 3 judges of American of Court of Cassation of the 9th itinerate comprise rules consistently, this agreement brought the person that it is heavy consumption to offer materiality, the interest of materiality, the federal judge that approves this agreement is in ensure its fairness respect did a lot of works.

Subsequently, people group agrees to allocate funds near 10 billion dollar () of about 66 billion RMB, the car to cars of about 475 thousand 2 litres of derv advocate make compensation. The masses admits, there was more than 550 thousand car to be installed in the United States illegal software, in detecting with be being discharged in governmental tail gas cogged. Investigate personnel discovery, the azotic oxide that these cars discharge exceeds 40 times of legal limit, this may cause respiratory system disease. According to consultative provision, this company agrees to counter-purchase or maintain these cars, and to every car advocate the additional compensation that pays thousands of dollar.

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