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Lu Hu is pulled get the better of door breakdown to complain frequency to send the beautiful bureau

According to American media on July 9 message, after afterwards receives Lu Hu 14 cases to pull those who get the better of the door when driving to be opened automatically to complain, american country Highway Traffic Safety Administration (the investigation that NHTSA) began hidden trouble of pair of this one breakdown 2017, discovered more complaining again in this process, because this decides,upgrade investigation.

Tiger of road of leopard of the nimble before this developed activity of a maintenance 2015, solved electronic-controlled the issue that door lock opens automatically when drive. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was received again last year complain similarly, and these cars are the model that already updated repair through software or is the production after maintaining an activity, this orgnaization begins to undertake investigating later.

This orgnaization expresses, be in 5 cases in lawsuit, car advocate express to had had door at least driving the experience that opens suddenly in the process, these cars already were passed change breakdown latch component has been maintained. Amid starts armed struggle in reason, car advocate get flesh wound, but did not seek treatment.

After this, investigation personnel is received additionally 43 cases again report similarly and complain, among them 14 state the car opens door automatically when travel. For this, national Highway Traffic Safety Administration decides to upgrade investigation to be analysed for the project, study this issue deep, whether be necessary in order to decide again recall car.

At present tiger of nimble leopard road already changed the latch of at least 564 cars, in order to solve a client to latch breakdown be anxious.

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