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Run quickly Russia new plant builds general Beijing to attend begin ceremony

Reported on April 3 according to associated press, the Meisaidesi that wears Mu to strap joint-stock company to was built in Russia a few days ago - run quickly factory building begins, predict to will create 1000 new obtain employment post, the construction of this factory is to wear Mu to strap 250 million euro of company (add up to a RMB about 1.886 billion yuan) the one part that invests a plan.

Wear Mu to strap CEO Cai Che (Dieter Zetsche) expresses, new plant is located in Moscow, will produce Meisaidesi for place - run quickly car and SUV model, this action is production the job shifts the one portion of the strategic end that nears a client.

Beijing of Russia president general (Vladimir Putin) , Daimule • A Er strides CEO Cai Che and Peter of German economy minister especially Er (Peter Altmaier) attended new plant to kick off ceremony. The state visit that the other party of German economy minister gets • A Er to strode Er to have by a definite date two days to Russia especially, during this, he interviewed Russia to just concern an officer. Annie of spokesman of German economy department blocks suddenly favour of • Ai Yin (Annika Einhorn) expresses, a Er strides Er visit to aim to solve especially heart the commercial opportunity that just is in Russia and challenge.

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