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Ford plans to rolled out pure dynamoelectric edition to be arranged completely 2021

The intermediary outside occupying reported on April 3, ford will be rolled out 2021 pure dynamoelectric completely suitable (car of Transit) business affairs, with period larger share is held in electric car market of the whole world.

On April 3, ford announces on the activity that the Amsterdam holds, will roll out pure dynamoelectric edition to arrange business affairs car completely 2021, take the lead in appearing on the market in Europe. This car will be the same as Meisaidesi - run quickly E-Crafter of ESprinter, masses develops competition.

Ford did not disclose parameter of this car detail, state car of new-style pure dynamoelectric business affairs devotes oneself to “ to reduce pollution for town only, reduce noise, the person that it is operation reduces cost. This means ” the city is carried for its main use, and rather than is long-distance travel.

Up to before 2021, of Ford dynamoelectric change lineup of car of light-duty business affairs to will include to arrange Custom PHEV and Tourneo Custom insert electric type to mix completely move two, latter carries engine of benzine of 1 litres of EcoBoost, course of development of boat of pure report add 50 kilometers, integrated travel course of development can amount to 500 kilometers.

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