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The European Union shows German car manufacturer is colluded with defer decrease blowdown transfer o

In report occupied new network on April 6 report of news agency of couplet of Europe of cite of Europe couplet net, local time on April 5, european Union committee expresses, german car manufacturer people collude with stretch, do not do tardy reduce the transfer of technology that harmful gas discharges car.

According to the report, local time 5 days, european Union committee expresses, car of masses of German car manufacturer, BMW car and Daimule Motor Corporation, in 2006 to step is taken jointly during 2014, defer introduce two kinds to arrange clean system, this kind of practice has violate forestall regulation.

Commissioner of thing of European Union competition Margaret ⋅ Weisidage (Margrethe Vestager) expresses in a statement, the product that improves them can cooperate between the company, but cannot agree not to compete on quality. The European Union fears this matter attributes afore-mentioned situations. She says, accordingly, european consumer may buy less than matching that have the car of best technology.

European Union superintendency orgnaization censures car manufacturer people in “ 5 tycoons are colluded with on conference of technology of year of small group ” , defer introduce a technology. BMW, Daimule, the masses and its subsidiary Ao Di and attend as a nonvoting delegate of the nimble when protecting year meeting.

European Union committee expresses, one of technologies because of conspire and be affected, it is to be able to reduce derv car harmful nitrogen oxide discharges a technology; Another is to filtering of benzine car discharge a technology.

The European Union superintends an orgnaization to state in its middle finger goes out, car manufacturer people the innovation that limits this to arrange clean system two kinds competes, stripped consumer buys the opportunity that pollutes less car.

European Union committee expresses, car manufacturer has an opportunity preliminary to its conclusion has a response. If belong to solid, these companies will are faced with be as high as the whole world year sale the amerce of 10% .

Motor Corporation expresses Daimule, the company has cooperated extensively with committee, predict to won't be fined. BMW and masses car are done not have make a response with respect to this matter instantly.

Current, the fame of German admiral manufacturing industry still was exploded 2015 the scandal effect that give. Masses car admits at that time, this company is in millions of of diesel locomotive motion was made in discharging a test.

This one message ever made consumer is mixed superintendency orgnaization, sell at a discount greatly to the confidence of derv technology. And masses car reached the flower in reconciling to drop hundreds of 100 million dollars for punishment of recall car, law. (Piece Li Rong)

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