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Australia research: Car of half the number buys a security of won't first consideration

Will report on June 20 according to Caradvice website, although test of global car collision is stricter and stricter, present car photograph is compared before more safe, but a new research discovery, there is element of before car security grade is rated 3 considerations when the car buyer that exceeds half the number buys a car.

Investigation of Australian website Finder.com.au enquired 2033 cars advocate, about them the model of first when new car is bought consideration is mixed the price, relative to at security character, the person of 52% has other more pressing consideration element. The Bernie Hassan of expert of insurance of a car of this investigation says: “ exceeds the Australian person of half the number not to think security is the mainest factor when buying new car. ”

Interesting is, male photograph is in than the female buy a car security of not quite first consideration: Only the male of 45% thinks security is the before 3 elements that need a consideration, and female this one proportion is higher, for 53% . Contrary, the male more the technology that apt car provides, the technical park first place that the person of 30% provides the automobile, the female purchaser that there is 23% only under photograph comparing considers so.

Australia new car evaluates a project (James Goodwin of ANCAP) presiding apparitor expresses, gao Shuiping's security already made the hypothesis standard of contemporary car purchaser. He says: “ feasibility condition is, new car purchaser and automobile industry already put safety in the first place, 10 large popular models all obtain 5 stars grade this year, because this consumer is beardless,is anxious ” in this respect.

Outside dividing safe grade, new car most the characteristic that accepts consumer favour is to maintain cost low, get of 48% accept favour of the person that visit. Division oily performance is ranked the 2nd (42%) , it is a technology next (27%) and safety (14%) . Surface color is ranked the 5th, of 14% suffer the person that visit to include a list of names posted up sheet its.

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