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Car of Shanghai of figure of official of 8 interior trim exhibits tiger of luck of new fund strange

Before a few days of strange luck released tiger of new fund luck the exterior official figure of 8, at present strange luck released figure of this interior trim official of new car further, its want than cash more fashionable. It is reported, the car exhibits the Shanghai that new car will kick off on April 16 to appear formally.

Interior trim respect, tiger of new fund luck 8 used match colors of interior trim of black, palm, deserve to be decorated with chromium of Mu Wen, plating, integral design is very congenial. In addition, new car changed 3 type to make the same score bottom steering wheel.

New car deployed 10.25 inches of appearance of 12.3 inches of complete liquid crystal, in suspension liquid crystal screen and liquid crystal of 8 inches of air conditioning accuse to touch in type dominate screen, breath of science and technology also gets apparent promotion. In addition, new car support is wireless charge, stepless becomes angry swing atmosphere lamp. The government still expresses, tiger of luck of new fund strange luck the seat system of 8 is by the British LEAR(Li Er of as same as nimble leopard Lu Hu supplier) the company is supplied, and the 2nd seat supports level off to lay.

Exterior respect, tiger of luck of new fund of it is reported 8 be by before BMW is famous Lai of · of car stylist Kevin this (Kevin Rice) holds a knife, its were changed brand-new dot matrix enters gas grille, cooperate exaggerated to pour echelon to enter gas mouth and fog lamp, whole has athletic flavor extremely. In the meantime, headlight interior joined much antrum to reflex type LED automatic headlight and high-energy trends to turn to the lamp. Caudal respect, new car introduced the series of perforative type taillight of nowadays popularity, undertook fuming black processing.

Measure respect, new Che Changkuan is 4700/1860/1746mm high respectively, wheelbase is 2710mm. In the meantime, 1.6TGDI model added 290T label in car side and rear, more show unique status.

Dynamical respect, new car carried to come from the engine of the 3rd acting ACTECO 1.6TGDI with strange newest luck, prep above of its thermal efficiency 37.1% , most high-power is 197 horsepower (145kW) , peak value torque is 290N·m. What transmission system matchs to it is Getelake 7 fast wet gear-box of double separation and reunion, oily bad news only 7.4L/100km.

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