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2019 brand-new Ao Di A8L appears on the market carry out rises eight hundred and sixty-eight thousan

Recently, 2019 brand-new Ao Di A8L appears on the market formally, price interval is 86.88-122.08 10 thousand yuan. New car provides 3.0T discretion power 4 models choose standards of 2 kinds of power, basically undertook upgrading certainly to fastening configuration completely.

(the graph is 2018 models)

2019 brand-new Ao Di A8L is configured to whole department came true to upgrade in the round, among them, 50 TFSI is comfortable model multiply to driving experience implementation to promote in the round, the rearview mirror outside increasing takes the configuration such as interface of lamp of memorial function, inner atmosphere, hind music; 50 TFSI is luxurious model increased interface of music of back row Aodi; In addition, 55 TFSI is luxurious model will ventilated seat upgrades for ventilated + massage function seat, back row increases Aodi music interface, dermal bag upgrades to be wrapped for advanced and patulous dermal equipment; 55 TFSI is exalted model interior trim promotes in the round on original basis, dermal bag is strengthened, ceiling material upgrades by common fabric character for Alcantara ceiling.

(the graph is 2018 models)

Dynamical respect, 2019 brand-new power of discretion of embarking 3.0 TFSI of Ao Di A8L two engine, power of the biggest output is 210kW and 250kW respectively, new car fastened mark to match Quattro full-time completely 4 drive system, 48V spends mixture power system, belt gently what lay a finger on answers is complete touch the anion air purifier that accuses a concept to show system of sweet atmosphere of screen, belt, Ao Di the function such as fictitious cockpit, reduced 4 drive, electrification, interactive wait for intelligence to drive the introductory doorsill that takes an experience.

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