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0 run C-more will be exhibited at Shanghai car appear appear on the market by 2020

Recently, 0 run the car releases a banner to issue pure dynamoelectric SUV— 0 run the government-owned figure of C-more, it is reported, new car is 0 run first model of car C platform, will appear this month Shanghai car is exhibited, the bottom appeared on the market 2020.

Exterior respect, new car has clipper-built exterior design, and the tent window of dome type, of automobile body advocate hit color to use a name to cover with tiles for “ Er ascends green ” color, headlight of LED matrix type and taillight of flying ala type are perforative enclosed before face, make whole has feeling of science and technology very much it seems that.

Interior trim designs a respect, integral style is contracted atmosphere, tie-in dial of 10 inches of appearance mixes 15 inches in accuse to touch screen, revealed the sense of science and technology of interior space. Intelligence configures a respect, 0 run C-more deploys “Leap Pilot intelligence to drive systematic ” , can realize L3 class intelligence to drive function, and but sequel upgrades to L4 level through OTA. In addition, still deploy ” of system of key of “Leap In biology, use “ to show vein identifying solves lock ” and “ person face to identify double attestation of the ” that start.

Dynamical respect, the acceleration of 0-100km/h is controlled in 5s, NEDC add boat not under 500km.

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