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Interior trim is delicate anthology deserve to abound Bin Litian to jump over V8 only figure of offi

Recently, guest benefit car is rolled out add jump over V8 only beautiful set is special edition, its exterior design comes from individuation of guest benefit car the hand of custom-built branch Mulliner, tie-in and delicate interior trim is designed, offer a series of adding to jump over model choosing to assemble buy for the client.

Add jump over V8 only beautiful series special edition is design inspiration with adding the model that jump over V8, lu Gong is overcome to the factory is built with artisan of masterly and manual craft and be become in England, reveal an exterior design that buys the department that jump over a car to be full of sculpture to feel and athletic wind further model. Add jump over V8 only special edition mark matchs beautiful series add jump over black to configure (Bentayga Blackline) , use with the bumper before automobile body concolorous pipe of bilateral exhaust tail designs skirt board and eye-catching bright black, implementation V8 model is full of the exhaust clamour of appeal.

The place of below predestined relationship of door adorns the “Design Series” model of written characters with clever grace of essence of life before exclusive badge mark, those who deduce model of this one special edition is exalted and exclusive gas charm. Of having a unique style brand-new Mulliner design element includes palladium gray (Palladium Grey) Paragon alloy annulus circle and self-regulated badge of type annulus core (Self Levelling Wheel Badges) . When car travel, act the role of round of core badge with mark of badge of word of guest benefit “B” to hold dormant position from beginning to end.

Add jump over V8 only beautiful series has choices of a variety of interior trim colour not only inside special edition car, introduce first brand-new carbon fiber braids line of clever design of grain, twin lubricious tie-in program and essence, with whale black (Beluga) give priority to color, can match 4 kinds of match colors: Flower type mailbox is red (Pillar Box Red) , orange yellow (Mandarin) , mulliner is exclusive white (Mulliner White) because He Kelai is blue (Klein Blue) .

Of back of a chair of double lubricious seat extremely brief embroidery is designed, come down in one continuous line of as exterior as automobile body badge, echo of inside and outside. Brunet and fleece-faced carpet also uses comparative lubricious Bao Bian to design, for interior trim style times add delicate and exquisite touch. Hundred years hearse holds dashboard center clock is acted the role of with mother-of-pearl shellfish dish face, enchase diamond meticulously. This model mark apportions seat of in front of comfortable set (Front Seat Comfort) , footplate of bore alloy motion and crural ministry are propped up.

Dynamical respect, add jump over V8 only special edition carries beautiful set 4.0T V8 gasoline engine, most high-power is 550 horsepower, peak value is twisted be apart from amount to 770 oxen · rice, highest speed per hour achieves 290 kilometers / hour, cong Jing stops to arrive quickly 100 kilometers / the hour needs 4.5 seconds only. The person that drive can drive according to trends of “ guest profit ” system undertakes personalized trends is installed, deploy an electron to differ fast lock and 4 kinds of trends to drive mode.

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