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BMW is brand-new figure of 3 departments official releases generation at Shanghai car to exhibit app

On March 29, 3 departments are in last cash BMW Ma Tiexi factory finishs Hua Chenbao get offline, mean BMW the 6th generation 3 departments (F30 mark axis / F35 grows an axis) stop production of formal whole world. In the meantime, plan of China morning BMW will be in in May iron on the west new generation of factory put into production 3 departments model, axis of mark of code name G20 / G28 grows an axis.

Recently, china morning BMW was released formally brand-new generation figure of 3 departments official, solid car exhibits the Shanghai car that kicked off on April 16 appear.

Grow axial edition model

Model of mark axis edition

Brand-new generation 3 departments derive the design style of overseas edition model, brand-new headlight series model appears more biting, the double kidney grille of mark sex is more wide. Additionally government-owned figure reveals for M motion covers an edition model, because this meeting sees grille used bright black processing, and before surround gas mouth to become more exaggerative. Model of long axis edition still cancelled to go up the special design of ” of small tail of “ of generation C column; Caudal change is additionally bigger, especially taillight, new car taillight introduced the new model that lamp of L form red brings.

Brand-new and homebred the length that 3 departments grow axial edition is wide it is 4829/1827/1463mm high respectively, wheelbase is 2961mm, integral dimension photograph relatively at cash edition of 3 departments long wheelbase got comprehensive promotion.

Interior trim respect agrees basically with layout of overseas edition model likewise, integral deflection is concise style, the most apparent change is in using brand-new suspension formula, accuse screen and brand-new formative electron blocks lever.

Dynamical respect, what already declared at present is brand-new what edition of 3 departments long wheelbase carries BMW is engine of new fund B48B20B 2.0T, most high-power still is 184 horsepower, just end mark turns into from 320Li 325Li, match 8 fast hands as before from gear-box of an organic whole.

Last: Interior trim is delicate anthology deserve to abound Bin Litian to jump over V8 only figure of offi

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