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Wide steam colourful will push brand-new the brand is made brand-new model

It is reported, those who sell kimono Wu is the research and development that wide steam colourful will come to will roll out motor-car of report of a dedicated Yu Chun, brand-new brand, make jointly brand-new model. New company is not is the joint-stock company on traditional sense, however one closes start a company, its are closing achieve mode how-to below, make open, share, independent platform, resource of catenary of integrated total value, from industry, resource, technology, user multivariate dimension is spent undertake innovating, let a car make the entry, close start a brand-new travel ecology group.

The reporter hunts down all from weather eye, wide steam colourful will held water on April 10, 2018, will invest by wide steam group and colourful, register capital 500 million yuan, in installment contributive, head period register capital 200 million yuan, among them wide steam group is compared by 22.5% contributive 45 million yuan, limited company of car of wide steam new energy resources is compared by 22.5% contributive 45 million yuan. And colourful of colourful cause Shanghai comes composition of fund of development of car and industry of energy of Wei Laixin of Hubei the Yangtse River, own the share of 55% in all. Company scope of operations includes: The car charges module sale; Car spare parts designs a service; Development of new and high technology, new product and enterprise hatch center; Car sale; Technology of content couplet net considers to develop; Charge picket establishment installation, management; Taxi passenger transport; Technology of motor vehicle security detects the service.

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